DOC Physical Training Combo

•2 Physical Training T-Shirts, Ash Grey, 50% Cotton 50% Polyester, Includes COTA Seal on left corner front of t-shirt and last name on back
•1 PT Shorts, Dark Navy, 100% Cotton, includes COTA Seal on left bottom corner
•1 PT Sweat Pants, Dark Navy, 60% Cotton 40% polyester, includes COTA seal on left corner
•**PT Sweat Shirt, Dark Navy, 60% Cotton 40% Polyester, includes COTA seal on the front left corner and oversize COTA on the back of the sweat shirt. (Only Available in the Winter).  (During the summer months the sweat shirt is Substitute with 1 PT Shorts and 1 PT Pants).
•1 DOC Hat Includes DOC patch
This PT Combo is only sold online.

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Price: $99.95